Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Scrapbook Room is Ready!!!

I am so happy!! My scrapbook room is finally back to normal! The cabinets were re-installed today and I have just spent the last few hours moving all of my scrapbooking items back into the room. I have stayed up way too late but I just wanted to get it done and tomorrow evening I'm hoping to actually do some scrapbooking!
One more thing I was really happy about is that they also put up baseboard for me, and we hadn't even finished that before the flood! I still need to get some trim around the window though and paint on wall by the entrance (I didn't show this in the pics because it's just plain peg board right now).
Anyway, I'm so happy that I'll be able to use my room again!! Wooo hooo!!!


  1. WOW....I Love your room. I Love all the counter space you have. Enjoy!!!!

  2. OHHHHHH MYYYYYY. I think I just had an Oh, wait I can't say that on here LOL!

  3. Your room is AMAZING!!!!! Wish I had one like that or even the space that you have!!!!! Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!