Monday, April 27, 2009

Working on my Scrap Room

This has been a busy weekend.  Jeff finished laying the floor in my scrap room and put together the bottom cabinets.  Last night I stayed up late priming the peg board walls and tonight I put on the first coat of paint.  The green is a little different than I expected.  It always looks different on the wall than it does on the paint chip!  I think I will just have to get used to it.  Here are a couple pics of what the room looks like now and also a pic of the plans to show what the room should look like by the time we are done.  
I wish the weekend was longer!  It just flew by and I'm not looking forward to going to work in the morning, especially on such little sleep!  


  1. wow! I love the color~! It would look very cool with pink accents too! lol! Your virtual sb room is A W E S O M E!!!!!


  2. Thanks! I hope my scrapbook room turns out as well as my virtual one! LOL!
    My dh has been putting up the upper cabinets tonight so things are coming along and I'll have to post more pics soon. I just can't wait until it is done and I can start using the space!

  3. I also wish that weekends would extend to five days. Haha! I just love spending more time with my family than stressing myself at work. Anyway, I absolutely love the color of your walls, they are so refreshing! I could work all day if my office is as beautiful as this!

    Sandra Ludwig