Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow, Snow & More Snow... time to head south!!!

Here are a couple pics of what our backyard looks like right now! I haven't seen this much snow in years! We got tons of snow yesterday, but even more today and it's still not stopping! Some of the snow drifts are as high as my waist!
I love the snow, but this is a lot and not so nice for driving. Tomorrow, we are heading off to Cuba! I'm looking forward to the sun and warmer weather! I guess we chose the perfect time to go on vacation! I just hope that there aren't flight delays with all this snow and that the drive to the airport is ok tomorrow. This will be our first big vacation with our kids (and their first plane ride) so we are really looking forward to it! Plus, it will be nice to get away from all this snow! :)

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