Friday, July 31, 2009

I Preordered a Gypsy!!

I am so excited tonight because I just preordered a Gypsy!! If you haven't heard of the Gypsy, it is an amazing hand-held portable design studio that works with the Cricut. You don't even need a computer, although the Gypsy is Mac compatible, which was another selling feature for me, as the older Design Studio is not Mac compatible. The Gypsy will also store all of your Cricut cartridges! Also, you use a stylus rather than a mouse which I think will be much easier when designing.
You can also customize your Gypsy with a cute sleeve! I picked the Cherry Blossom cover (see first picture).
Unfortunately, the Gypsy isn't available until mid-November so waiting for it will be the hard part.
I ordered mine from and they have one of the best prices I've seen online. You can also preorder with just a deposit, rather than paying the whole amount at once, which is great.
If you haven't already seen what all the Gypsy can do, check out the ProvoCraft website and take the 'test drive'.

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